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Google Modified Search Results For Pirate Sites

Google Modified Search Results For Pirate Sites 

Google update next week its search algorithm to penalize performance ranking websites that have more notices of violation of copyright.

This change in classification should help users find legitimate sources and quality content more easily, so a TV show on Hulu or new music transmitted from Spotify, say from Google.

Although the company explains that only the courts can decide whether copyright has been infringed, and Google can not determine whether a particular web page violates copyright or not.

As is the automatic penalty of download sites, P2P or the like, as will appear below in the results returned by your search engine.

Everything points to a concession by the Internet giant to industry and copyright organizations responsible for the content copyright copyrighted music and film.

And who have complained that Google is not doing enough to prevent access to protected content.

Google s interests to sell content on Google or YouTube Play and the need for agreements with the powers that be in Hollywood.

There Would be behind this change is already controversial in the network, because it involves issues that advocates net neutrality Google in other settings.

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