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AMD Steals iPhone Chip Designer From Apple

AMD Steals iPhone Chip Designer From Apple

The well-known chip maker Designer Advanced Micro Devices has announced a new member in their ranks, and not just any person but the former head of operations for processor design at Apple.

That is, Jim Keller, who will now take over as head of architecture and AMD corporate vice president.

This is a great victory for the Sunnyvale maker in the personal, as during the past 18 months and after the change of CEO, Dirk Meyer to Rory Read, had suffered a continuing loss of talent.

Besides Keller, who joined Apple in 2008 and participated in the development of the A4 and A5 chips, had been the architect of the powerful AMD Athlon line in the middle of 2000.

It was also the coauthor of the HyperTransport specification and instruction set x86-64 processor.

Jim is a great choice pair AMD, said Patrick Moorhead, former vice president of AMD itself and president of the Moor Insights research firm, as reported AllThingsD.

Definitely will focus on designing cores of less consumption at a given level of performance.

Moreover, Keller knows the scenario of mobile SOC better than anyone in the industry, which will help AMD to bring these principles to design also for PC processors.

This means focusing on improving the performance of AMD’s x86 architecture, where the company continues to lose ground against a powerful Intel.

In his new position, must respond to Mark Papermaster, another former member of Apple.

The latter was vice president of engineering for the iPhone, then theantennagate, visited a year at Cisco.


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