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Apple iOS 6 to Removes YouTube App From IPhone, iPad

Apple iOS 6 to Removes YouTube App From IPhone, iPad

When in September as it seems be officially iOS6 mobile devices Apple will lose an application that has been there from the beginning: YouTube.

The iOS 6 beta 4 of iPhone/iPhone lacks the television icon known although it would remain for the AppleTV device for home entertainment.

Recall that Apple also got rid of GoogleMaps for the benefit of a proper application of GPS navigation and this maneuver would obey the same strategy to opt out of Google, which owns YouTube, which is working on a new and improved application that users can install.

Until now accompanied YouTube natively to all versions of iOS, Apple’s operating system for mobile devices, but this will change.

According to the Cupertino reason is that the license has completed at their disposal to include the application natively.

From now users of iPhone/iPhone/ iPod touch can still enjoy the content on YouTube or through the website itself the popular video service in Safari or installing a new YouTube app in which Google would be working and will be available in due course through AppStore.

The application for the moment is still present in IOS was once Apple’s own work, which seems obvious that he has decided to stop working for the enemy.

Yet this should not pose a problem for the user, on the contrary. In fact, the YouTube app is not particularly bright, with limited functions, trouble providing good video quality on 3G and frequent deficiencies buffering video.

Presumably it’s own Google will be the first interested in developing a specific app take full advantage of YouTube, one of its most successful services.

The question that many will host and rightly is whether Google will be able to achieve, given the discrete outcome that offer some of the IOS versions
of their services eg Gmail example.


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