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Facebook now worth $20 of its IPO Shares

Facebook now worth $20 of its IPO Shares

It follows the collapse of stock market value of Facebook and last night scored below the minimum 20 $ down half the set in the IPO Shares.

A real fiasco, small shareholders who attended the talk of scam offer and have filed a class action for the IPO of greater value than has ever gone public in the United States.

Doubts about the capacity of the largest social network to transform his great presence and millions of users in advertising revenue and the next release for sale of shares by employees August 16, are behind the latest decline in value.

Also its expensive starting price. Very inflated to business leaders and previous round investors and for the underwriters.

Small investors pay duck but should recognize its share of responsibility as they were many analysts who said the high price of the IPO and what is happening ahead.

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