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Mobile Giants Shifting sands

Mobile Giants Shifting sands

There are speculation and rumours about Nokia and Research in Motion that its sales are falling day in and day out and all the trial of introducing new products are failing very fast.

The day passes with full of news about these two companies and the performance they are creating quarter over quarter. The performance is deteroriating over time.

Both of this companies are said to be on the verge of going out of the mobile market business and are still struggling to keep up with other biggies in the market.

These two giant companies has bigger penetration of market in India and abroad but Indian market still counts for a bigger pie in the overall scenario of sales of its mobile.

Nokia recently introduced Windows based smartphones and its one of the biggest market for Nokia’s Windows based phones and also their features phones are doing quite well.

People are crazy about Nokia and Blackberry mobiles and they want this devices with all the goodies of features and specifications included in the Indian market with full penetration with youngsters.

The problems with Nokia and Research in Motion or Blackberry mobiles is that they are not upgrading their software and are not creating the eco-system like Apple and Google.

Nokia has tied up with Microsoft last year to make a dent in the smartphone market with this partnership to create a biggest market share among the competitors and to capture its sliding growth.

Same applies to Blackberry mobiles and also they are trying to attract their customers which are sliding their choice towards Android and iOS devices with its latest effort of Blackberry 10.

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