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Samsung Galaxy S III Runs on Jelly Bean Operating System

As the latest version of Android Jelly Bean released, it looks like Samsung was eagerly waiting to take this latest operating system of Android in The Galaxy S III. Overall, everybody infect every brand was waiting for latest Android version But Samsung responded very quickly and as we see Samsung has recently launched Galaxy series, it has become very popular. So The Galaxy S III is expected to be more demanding than previous launches.

Since the first looks of Jelly Bean has been leaked, the tests has become very fast to give reviews about this operating system. Jelly Bean is having some unseen and latest features which might surprise you. But, what tests are revealing here are most likely to be the same as you will get these all features inside your The Galaxy S III.

As every body was waiting for Jelly Bean, so many brands were waiting to get this Android operating system inside their tablets and notebook but before any of these brands act, Samsung get this operating system inside their latest smartphone and also Samsung has launched this smartphone.

Galaxy S III Jelly Bean new features:

Two different modes for Home Screen 
Advanced organization Settings
Smoother UI animations with higher frame rates
Google Now available
S Note app replaces S Memo
Offline voice typing support
Faster web browser
Better notification area with expandable notifications
Resizable pop-up play window

Overall Performance

Without any doubts, Jelly Bean along with The Galaxy S III, is very good combination of technology. With the launching of this smart phone Samsung brand is about to be the top level brands. And by launching Galaxy series this brand has started to be the popular brand among so many Big names. So now Samsung is  giving very tough competition to all the brands. As this smart phone is having some latest features the Jelly Bean is giving more good luck to this smart phone.


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