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Haier Mini Pad 711 Tablet Review, Features And Price

Haier Mini Pad 711 Tablet Review, Features And Price 

Haier Mini Pad Tablet has wide screen. As this tablet has wide screen display, the photographs and videos are displayed with much better resolution as compared to other tablets. This tablet comes with powerful Cortex A8 processor, which has good working efficiency.

Operating system used in this tablet is latest version of Android. So because of this operating system all the latest apps and games from Google app store will be easily compatible with this tablet. This tablet contains latest wireless 3G connectivity.

The device momory of this tablet is very larger, it is 8 GB. So people who prefer more device momory they will like this tablet. This Haier tablet has mostly all the latest features. So it is a good option to buy this tablet  and a larger display is also a good point.

Haier Mini Pad 711 Tablet Key Features:

Screen Size: 9.7 inch
O.S. : Android v 4.0 i.e. Ice Crean Sandwich
Processor: Cortex A8 processor
Internal Memory: 8GB
Connectivity: 3G
Port: HDMI

As this tablet has been announced and it’s features are out in market but actual tablet is yet not available in the market. Some sources also reveals that all the functionalities are yet not out in the market. Also the pricing details are not available still. As this tablet is not available in the market, the actual working of the tablet can not be said that how it will be working, especially the speed and multi tasking can not be seen.

One important feature is the Touch response, so we also can not know how is the touch response. It has 4.0 version of Andriod and 4.1 is also now available in the market now. SIM card slots are also not available in this tablet. And most important thing is the pricing details are yet not available.

So, Haier Mini Pad Tablet gets overall 3/5 ratings.  But still pricing details are unavailable. And this product is Coming Soon in the market.

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