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Acer Iconia W510 Tablet Review And Cons

Acer Iconia W510 Tablet Review And Cons

Acer is world known and very popular brand. Recently, acer reviled latest Windows based tablet at IFA conference at Berlin. This conference is said to be very important. Acer has launched so many tablets in this event. This tablet runs Genuine Windows Operating System.

So people who wants a windows based tablet, this tablet will be best option for them. The performance of this tablet is very speedy due to Dual core 1GHz clocking speed, so the performance wise this tablet will be working efficiently as compared to any other tablet.

The good thing about this tablet is that, this is a windows based tablet so it will be very good option for professionals. This tablet looks good and is good for giving any presentation at office.

This tablet has special processor just for graphics purpose. So the resolution of the screen is going to be very good and entertaining. Due to seperate processor running for Graphics, images and videos, specially movies running on this tablet will be more fascinating.

And the quality of the images will also be better because of this individual processor for graphics. As this tablet has dual processor, some people might get a guess that this tablet must be like more power consuming tablet but let’s be clear about power consumption.

This acer tablet has got energy star rating from authorized tests and it proves that this tablet is less power consuming tablet as compared to other dual processor tablets.

Acer Iconia W510 Tablet Cons

Although this tablet is good by seeing it’s features and all those things but yet this tablet has some cons. This tablet might not be very good for those who wants small sized tablets as this tablet is like of medium size. Windows operating system is best suited for all kind of performance but some people prefer Android operating system rather than windows.

So If you want to choose your tablet as per latest trends then you might not like this tablet. But Windows is also like all time favourite but If you are Android lover then you might opt for some thing else which contains Android. This tablet weights 1.58 Kg. which is quite more as compared to other tablets. As tablets are supposed to be handeled very easily, as they are very light in weight, this tablet might give you a little difficulty due to it’s weight.

Acer Iconia W510 tablet comes with 1 GHz processor, if compared to latest tablets it might get less points due to processor. Generally, latest tablets comes with atleast 2 GHz processor or more. So If anybody wants their tablet to do multi tasking and all those busy working then this tablet might give you less output compared to other tablets.

There are no SIM card slots available in this tablet, so you will have to have your another cell phone along with this tablet. These days SIM card slot is like must feature in their tablet, But this tablet do not offer any SIM card slots.

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