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Kurio Kids Tablet Price and Review With Pros And Cons

Kurio Kids Tablet Price and Review With Pros And Cons

Kurio Kids Tablet Pros

This is a special kind of tablet as it is for Kids. There are very few tablets which are specially designed for kids. This tablet is Android based tablet and it has large display. As this tablet has Google’s Android operating system it will easily support aal the latest as well as old apps and games and also the Google app and Games store is the very popular for downloading latest apps specially for kids. Also from the Android market so many games will be supported.

This tablet also has Dual cameras, One at the Rear side and one at the Front side and the wireless connectivity option is available.  There is Wi-Fi connectivity available. Due to Wi-Fi connectivity latest news and information about latest study related theories will be available just by one touch. Also some important features like Parental controls and Drop safe bumper are available. Price of this tablet is set to affordable range.

Kurio Kids Tablet Cons

This tablet is specially designed for children so it can not be used by other group of people. So this device can only be used by kids. Few cons can also be noticed on Kurio Kids Tablet. As the designs and look of this tablet are not to professional so they can not use this tablet.

The features supported in this tablet are also kids friendly so other group of people like employees and professionals can not get this tablet in use. So, looking overall mainly this tablet can be gifted to kids so they can use it and get latest updates for study purpose. So we can not exactly say what this tablet will give response in the market.

The internal memory of this tablet is just 4 GB which is less as compared to other tablets. There are dual cameras available but yet the resolution is not mentioned exactly. Some rumors are there which says that the camera type will be VGA. Also the SIM card slots are also not available.

Overall Rating of Kurio Kids Tablet: 3.5/5

Price of Kurio Kids Tablet : $149.99

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