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Verykool R 800 Tablet Review and Price

Verykool R 800 Tablet Pros

This tablet has 7 inches display. These days 7 inch size is quite popular and it is very demanding as per latest trends. So due to screen size this tablet is expected to go very demanding in market and going to get a vary large platform. The screen type of this tablet id WVGA. Touch type is Capacitive touch.

Also some other features like FM Radio and e compass are available. This tablet has got a rear camera of 2 MP resolution and also a front camera of 0.3 MP. This tablet also has wireless Wi-Fi connectivity. Also the wireless data transfer through Bluetooth is available.

Verykool R 800 Tablet Cons

Verykool R 800 Tablet is having many cons. This tablet doesn’t come from a reputed brand. It will not having  much market exposure even though the specs and features of this tablet are decent. This tablet runs on Android operating system but it supports an older version of Android i.e. Froyo version.

It will not have much support for apps and games on Google Play Store as Froyo is an older version. Now-a-days many tablets are being released with Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean versions of operating systems as they are the latest version of Android, and so this tablet will be considered as an outdated product if compared to operating system.
Verykool R 800 Tablet has got support for Bluetooth but the version of Bluetooth supported is just v2.1,  which is an older version. Hence file transfer through Bluetooth would be slow on this tablet. Also the SIM card slot is not available in this tablet.

Verykool R 800 Tablet Price : Yet not available.

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