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Apple Dispute Against Samsung

Apple Dispute Against Samsung

Apple and Samsung has been in the legal tussle since last many months and also many years and the outcome is still not decided and it is unclear who will win.

Their battle for patents and trademarks are so huge that they tend to make a very good efforts to win this fight against their competitors and also they tend to loose.

Samsung lawyers and Apple lawyers are blaming each other that they are making the use of their patents and using in their devices.

They tend to argue that their legal battle will come to an end if they agree to make license payment for the patent they want to use for their device.

The general look of the device which they tend to make people or consumers look is that they are very much similar in looks and they tend to make wrong impression.

Many of the top management team from Apple and Samsung produced evidence which they thought would make the case more stable and also more viable.

The case for Apple and Samsung is taking a new turn as the evidence in this case is not producing enough to get to the end of the case and also to win the battle.

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