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Google plans to reinvent Motorola by laying off 20% of its Staff

Google plans to reinvent Motorola by laying off 20% of its Staff

Motorola is now a part of Google, and as a part of restructuring process they are planning to replace some of its staff and  laying off the jobs with the dwindling sales.

There was news from Google to the staff of Motorola Mobility, which they purchased last year that they are planning to lay around twenty percent of the total workforce.

They also informed to the staff that they are planning to close down third of its 94 offices worldwide as the sales of Motorola has been low and decreasing.

Motorola now as a part of Google has been left behind besides the like of Apple and Samsung and also their track of hardware making for Android operating system is lacking.

This move is about to impact in a huge way to both of the companies. Larry Page, the CEO of Google has boldly took decision of $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola.

Motorola had 17000 patents in its name and Google wanted all those patents and also they wanted to have the broadest portfolio of those patents in thier kitty.

Google is making from the beginning Android operating system and Motorola was in the business of hardware manufacturing including mobile devices running Android.

So this collaboration between these two giants was very essential to give an edge to the competition they were facing from Samsung and Apple.

Google has been into the hardware business but did not see much success as Apple saw and they introduced Google TV and Chrome based laptops along with Nexus Q.

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