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Operating System(OS) With Firefox

Operating System(OS) With Firefox :

Last week, the Mozilla Foundation announced the name change to Boot Gecko B2G to Firefox OS, and the entire staff of telecommunications manufacturing partners and stakeholders in the project.

Now one of these partners is already showing the first prototype of this platform smartphone.

According to the operator, will balance its Firefox OS Android strategic dependence and create cheaper devices that offer exactly the same end user experience.

Firefox OS phone is also a potential accelerator of the adoption of smartphones, especially in emerging markets s no risk to fall into oblivion.

Are your assets with less energy consumption, more speed and potential to run with equal assurance on the same hardware as Android.

Chip Qualcomm, features multitasking and messaging, integration with Facebook and games.

This is a product with screen touch, four buttons at the bottom and a collection of applications built entirely with HTML 5.

Of course, do not underestimate the magnitude of the task. Many attempts to create a new operating system have failed, has recognized the president of Digital Phone, Matthew Key, as our colleagues collected TechWeek Europe.

At Telefónica want to offer alternatives to Android, not because we want to hurt Google, but because we believe it is good for the industry.

Key says that, beyond Chinese firms TCL Communication Technology, Alcatel and ZTE, another three or four manufacturers have been approached to build Firefox OS devices.

And it is expected that the first mobile phone to be launched in Brazil under the Vivo brand and cost less than $100.

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