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Qualcomm Hired From Intel inside

Qualcomm Hired From Intel Inside

Qualcomm has announced the hiring of Anand Chandrasekher for the post of head of marketing and communication Until late 2011, Chandrasekher had held the same position in the ultra mobility group at Intel, a company that had spent the last 25 years.

This is a highly strategic recruitment and occurs at a time when business seeking access to Intel chips for smartphones and tablets, where Qualcomm is among the largest manufacturers worldwide presence through its designs based on ARM architecture.

In fact, Chandrasekher was instrumental in carrying Intel to that position, unknown to the largest semiconductor manufacturer to date.

For Qualcomm, the arrival of this industry veteran will facilitate the expansion of the brand Snapdragon, chips called to lead the segment of tablets with Windows 8 Within weeks.

The Microsoft operating system land for the first time in a non-x86 architecture, so expect a dramatic adoption of such mobile devices.

The executives of the company based in San Diego will ensure that manufacturers willing to develop new devices with Snapdragon chips S4 four cores much lighter and thinner than Ultrabooks Intel or Apple MacBook Air, a declaration of intent.

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